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Producing original drama in Burnham-on-Sea

Saturday 4 April 2015

What You Will

Written by Lewis Coleman
What You Will is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night set in 60's London.
The play takes us into the mad world of Olivia the actress and her entourage of uncle Toby and secretary Maria. Olivia falls for Viola, who has been separated from her brother in a tube accident. But Viola has fallen for Orsino, powerful head of a film studio, while her brother Seb is being nursed back to health by unsuccessful writer, Tony.
Will love conquer all?

Busker - Lewis Coleman
Viola - Fyre Cook
Seb - Callum Edwards
Orsino - Sean Carr
Chris - Fiona Hulme
Val - Karen Keen
Toby - Ollie Hulme
Maria - Kim Cook
Andy - Jack Kesterton
Malcolm - Mike Murphy
Olivia - Rebecca Strickland
Tony - Antony Evans

Director - Lewis Coleman
Stage Manager - Ruth Ackroyd
Sound & Light - Graham Cook


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