Princess Theatre Company

Producing original drama in Burnham-on-Sea

About us

We're the Princess Theatre Company

Producing orginal drama in Burnham-on-Sea

Founded in October 2013, we've written and performed original pieces ranging from comedy to tragedy, Shakespearian adaptations, greek dramas and tales of the carnival in Somerset.

We typically meet twice a week at the Princess Theatre in Burnham-on-Sea when we're working on a production

We're always welcoming new members, if you'd like to get involved with any aspect of the stage just email

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The Good Shepherd

Written by Ros Carne
In a small town, a vicar meets a young woman searching for more. Will their lives ever be the same?

Ruth Ackroyd
Fyre Cook
Naomi Nicholson
Jack Kesterton

Set Design, Sound & Light - Graham Cook

PTC in Shorts

Our evening of shorts featured plays written by a number of people in the company. The dramas ranged from comedies to tragedies and everything in between.

Written, directed & performed by Sean Car & Oliver Hulme

Comic Relief
Written & performed by Kim Cook

Daisy Potter
Written & performed by Linda Sadler
Directed by Rebecca Strickland

The Finding
Performed by Lewis Coleman, Fyre Cook & Naomi Nicholson
Written & directed by Kim Cook

They Have their Exits and their Entrances
Performed by Sean Carr, Jack Kesterton & Mike Murphy
Written & directed by Lewis Coleman

Nana Nazi
Performed by Naomi Nicholson & Fyre Cook
Written & directed by Kim Cook

Free Parking
Performed by Selina Ayul, Rebecca Strickland & Fiona Hulme
Written & directed by Oliver Hulme

Phat Larry
Performed by Oliver Hulm, Naomi Nicholson & Fyre Cook
Written by Selina Keedwell & Fiona Hulme
Directed by Fiona Hulme

Sound & light by Graham Cook


Written by Kim Cook
Carnival is set in a small Somerset town in the run-up to Carnival. The Mudlarkers carnival club, headed up by the Larkin family, try their best to create a carnival masterpiece even as their lives are falling apart.

Rita - Naomi Nicholson
Mandy - Fyre Cook
Phil - Sean Carr
Sam - Jack Kesterton
Edward - Lewis Coleman
Sally - Rebecca Strickland

Director - Kim Cook
Set Design, Sound & Light - Graham Cook


Written by Oliver Hulme

Islands follows the friendship between Maggie and Sharam, from their time together in university to the far-reaching consequences of the decisions they make later in life.

Maggie Burgoyne - Fyre Cook
Sharam Zia-Aziz - Sean Carr
Nataliya Emilyanova - Naomi Nicholson
Jimmy Cook - Callum Edwards
David McKenzie - Mike Murphy
DC Julia Maddocks - Fiona Hulme
Wayne Gough - Lewis Coleman
Terry Roberts - Oliver Hulme

Director - Oliver Hulme
Stage Manager - Rebecca Strickland
Sound and Light - Graham Cook
Publicity - Dawn Davis
Armourer - Lee Cook

Singing for Supper

Written by Max Taylor

Singing for Supper is a Roman drama following the life and fortunes of Horace the Poet, who doesn’t know which way to turn, when it comes to poetry, women or politics.

In ancient Rome, the civil war has been lost, and Caesar Augustus has seized power. For Horace, a young poet who had fought bravely for democracy, the result means ruin. But now a senior minister has summoned him: Should he be open to persuasion or stab the man to death? Must Rome’s ancient democracy be destroyed? The play carries a warning for the world today, where in the last few years, more than twenty democracies have been destroyed in a scramble for power.

Horace – Lewis Coleman
Chloe – Naomi Nicholson
Pompey – Callum Edwards
Maecenas – Sean Carr
Cinara – Kim Cook

Directors – Fiona Hulme, Fyre Cook
Stage manager – Rebecca Strickland
Costumes – Kim Cook
Sound and light – Graham Cook

What You Will

Written by Lewis Coleman
What You Will is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night set in 60's London.
The play takes us into the mad world of Olivia the actress and her entourage of uncle Toby and secretary Maria. Olivia falls for Viola, who has been separated from her brother in a tube accident. But Viola has fallen for Orsino, powerful head of a film studio, while her brother Seb is being nursed back to health by unsuccessful writer, Tony.
Will love conquer all?

Busker - Lewis Coleman
Viola - Fyre Cook
Seb - Callum Edwards
Orsino - Sean Carr
Chris - Fiona Hulme
Val - Karen Keen
Toby - Ollie Hulme
Maria - Kim Cook
Andy - Jack Kesterton
Malcolm - Mike Murphy
Olivia - Rebecca Strickland
Tony - Antony Evans

Director - Lewis Coleman
Stage Manager - Ruth Ackroyd
Sound & Light - Graham Cook