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Producing original drama in Burnham-on-Sea

Friday 11 September 2015

Singing for Supper

Written by Max Taylor

Singing for Supper is a Roman drama following the life and fortunes of Horace the Poet, who doesn’t know which way to turn, when it comes to poetry, women or politics.

In ancient Rome, the civil war has been lost, and Caesar Augustus has seized power. For Horace, a young poet who had fought bravely for democracy, the result means ruin. But now a senior minister has summoned him: Should he be open to persuasion or stab the man to death? Must Rome’s ancient democracy be destroyed? The play carries a warning for the world today, where in the last few years, more than twenty democracies have been destroyed in a scramble for power.

Horace – Lewis Coleman
Chloe – Naomi Nicholson
Pompey – Callum Edwards
Maecenas – Sean Carr
Cinara – Kim Cook

Directors – Fiona Hulme, Fyre Cook
Stage manager – Rebecca Strickland
Costumes – Kim Cook
Sound and light – Graham Cook


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