Princess Theatre Company

Producing original drama in Burnham-on-Sea

Saturday 6 May 2017

PTC in Shorts

Our evening of shorts featured plays written by a number of people in the company. The dramas ranged from comedies to tragedies and everything in between.

Written, directed & performed by Sean Car & Oliver Hulme

Comic Relief
Written & performed by Kim Cook

Daisy Potter
Written & performed by Linda Sadler
Directed by Rebecca Strickland

The Finding
Performed by Lewis Coleman, Fyre Cook & Naomi Nicholson
Written & directed by Kim Cook

They Have their Exits and their Entrances
Performed by Sean Carr, Jack Kesterton & Mike Murphy
Written & directed by Lewis Coleman

Nana Nazi
Performed by Naomi Nicholson & Fyre Cook
Written & directed by Kim Cook

Free Parking
Performed by Selina Ayul, Rebecca Strickland & Fiona Hulme
Written & directed by Oliver Hulme

Phat Larry
Performed by Oliver Hulm, Naomi Nicholson & Fyre Cook
Written by Selina Keedwell & Fiona Hulme
Directed by Fiona Hulme

Sound & light by Graham Cook


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